The ideal Softbox for LED lights

For the age of LED lighting, The Rag Place has teamed up with DOP choice to create the SNAPBAG®, the first self-tighting softbox. Easy handling SNAPBAG® instantly pops out of its storage bag, ready to work. Lighter weight, quicker set-up and easy use have made them the choice of filmmakers and videographers worldwide. They erect and mount in seconds, without requiring a time consuming, heavy speed ring. These space-savers mount right on the front of most popular LED fixtures so there’s no extra stands to get in the way. Choose from a variety of shapes: Rectangular, Octagonal & Flyball and start lighting with a snap!

SNAPBAG® Features

The 3 most important features you need to know about our SNAPBAGS®

Intensified softlight.

Shine bright.

The Rag Place SNAPBAGS® use reflecting fabric to intensify the light of your lighting fixture.

Easy handling.

It’s a snap.

Mounting SNAPBAGS® can be done in a matter of seconds. They are just as quick and simple to use as our award-winning SNAPGRIDS®.

No Speedring.

No Hassle.

The Rag Place SNAPBAGS® don’t need a Speedring, unless you really want to use one.

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How to get your softbox on any lighting you want

The RABBIT-EARS® mounting system replaces the legacy heavy and cumbersome speed ring standard of mounting softboxes to lighting fixtures. Now, thanks to versatile RABBIT-EARS®, a single unit can be used to mount a SNAPBAG® onto a variety of different LED lighting brands, fast. They are available in three form-factors: RABBIT-EAR Mini for square SNAPBAGS®; RABBIT-EAR Rectangular for rectangular SNAPBAGS®; and RABBIT-EARS Square for 3’ or 5’ octagonal SNAPBAGS®.

SNAPBAGS® on set

Convince yourself and see our SNAPBAG® in real life

Additional Info

Everything you need to know about the Setup and Mounting Types

Mounting Types

Ingenious mounting methods to suit every need. Mounting SNAPBAGS® can be done in a matter of seconds – quick and simple to use.

SNAPBAG® Instructions

Read the general safety Instructions for all our The Rag Place Products or get useful tipps and tricks for setup of your SNAPBAG®.

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